La pandémie et l’écologie Exploring the effects on Nature of COVID-19


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La pandémie et l’écologie

La pandémie et l’écologie

Exploring the effects on Nature of COVID-19

In this vast universe the Earth has been the only salubrious celestial body to have supported life forms on its surface, chiefly owing to the five main elements that provide proof of life; Land, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Nature has been majorly responsible for the evolution of all creatures on its surface, of which the most evolved species are the Homo-Sapiens.

Humans have always been grateful to what mother nature has bestowed them with, but, the growing avarice and the fast pace of technological advancements, has encouraged reckless exploitation of resources. Alas! With the pandemic of COVID-19 on the loose, it has been a great relief to nature from the reckless misuse of its resources.

The proponents hold a divided view on the situation. Some believe that the disease has had a positive impact on the environment such as lower levels of greenhouse gases and other pollutants whereas others hold a contrary view to the same.

Let’s explore the sunny side of the hedge and account for all the positive changes that have taken place in India:

  1. The natural waters of the holy Ganges have never been cleaner than the ones we see today, devoid of any pollutants the waters of the river are fit for consumption post the process of chlorination. This phenomenon was experienced at the pious ghats of Har-ki-Pauri in Haridwar. This has happened due to few or no industrial activities in the area and a decline in the levels of wastewater in the river. Various marine life forms are now clearly visible in the water. Moreover, the cleaning capacity of the river has also increased contributions to a large volume of water.

    Air Quality
    Air Quality
  2. Air Quality of majorly all the cities have been reduced to a great extent, a proof of which is the city of Chandigarh. The Shivalik Range is now clearly visible from the city as if it were a part of its landmass. The mountain range on a normal day remains largely shrouded by a layer of thick haze due to industrial and vehicular pollution.
  3. The creek in Navi Mumbai is now swarming with numerous Flamingos owing to the least amount of commercial and
    The pink in the creek
    The pink in the creek

    non-commercial activities. Via an aerial view, it appears as if the creek has been painted in a beautiful pink. During this time the birds migrate to this area but the numbers sighted have been phenomenal due to more prey for food and better air and water quality.

  4. The Capital would generally exhibit the highest amount of pollution in the country, which would normally be reported at an alarming level fo 900 particulate matter has now noticed a drastic fall in the particulate matter to below 20. It has been possible due to the temporary seizure of operations in major factories and manufacturing units.
  5. The weather has also stabilized. Recently the states of Delhi and Haryana experienced pleasant weather ushered in by the early arrival of Monsoon. The overall temperatures have been bearable unlike the previous years if scorching heat.

With all of this said not everything is going to be good. Let’s consider the negative impacts of COVID-19 on the environment:

  1. Illegal trading, poaching, and hunting of animals shall continue to be on the large due to lack of strict vigilance by the wildlife officials. People who primarily sustain their living on this business shall be motivated to expand their illegal activities and hence, endanger many species.
  2. Illegal logging and trading of endangered species of trees will also increase owing to a lack of surveillance by forest officials and other governmental authorities. Though there has been a scare of the negative impact on health due to COVID-19 as poverty and unemployment will force individuals to destroy the environment rather than preserve the same.
  3. As the agro-processing industry is also facing a slow-down, the hard-earned produce of the farmers shall go to
    Decline of the agro based industry
    The decline of the agro-based industry

    seed leading to huge losses as they may not have enough buyers for the products in the market. Moreover, with some areas declared as Red Zones, farmers shall be rendered helpless when it comes to transportation and storage of their produce.

  4. The scare of COVID-19 shall lead to an imbalance in Nature’s food cycle. Apart from the produce weeds shall also start occupying space in fields if left unattended and may destroy the produce. Also, plants shall be vulnerable to pest attacks if left unattended during COVID-19 which shall a huge loss to the producers of essential commodities.

Analyzing the points mentioned above one conjectures that the positive outcomes have so far outdone the negative impacts but, this trend shall remain a temporary one and is subject to change. Overall, the pandemic has had some negative and some positive effects on the environment, but only well thought of strategy shall help in preserving the environment from further degradation and shall go a long way in contributing to its welfare.

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