Khud Jiyo Auron Ko Bhi Jeene Do : A mantra to remain happy always

It reminds me of my good school days when we used to start our day with a prayer “Asto Maa Sadh Ga Ma  Ya” and after that we used to sing a song “Khud Jiyo Auron Ko Bhi Jeene Do” and this used to be a routine everyday. At that time it was just a song for me but now when I see myself being happy  as I realized the real essence of the words  which I have understood and implemented in my life , that keeps me happy at every phase of happy life.

Every body has a right to live a happy life but only if things are not imposed .Life is combination of good and bad times , and to move on happily one should carry a  positive attitude and zeal to come up with the best possible solution for bad times .

“Live and let others live ” signifies  the positive approach towards life where each one cooperates with the other and any difficult situation can be handled in a very easy manner without getting stressed. And when there is no stress each one remains happy and life gets more and more beautiful.

So the real mantra to remain happy always is Khud Jiyo Auron Ko Bhi Jeene Do.



Dr. Sarita Kaushik

Ms. Priyanka Gaur

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