Juggle to catch the best (career options)

Hi Readers,

So finally after so many thoughts whether to write or not, what to write and how to start, I am finally writing my very first blog. The topic!! Well…. the topic is what my current state is – Juggling. Having worked with MNCs for so many years and quitting the job just to explore the options I am inclined towards, is something that required a lot of willpower and guts. It happened to be my career as per the education I had but even with that there was always a sensation of emptiness.

In a little time span I tried many career options but didn’t get the kick. I was in that feeling of indecisiveness and confusion until I decided to take charge and pushed myself to start over again, start something I always wished to and here I am writing a blog (it might be just another blog for you but for me its my passion). I don’t have the foggiest idea where the street can take me or will I leave an imprint yet one thing is without a doubt that atleast I am infatuated with what I am doing and trust me everything falls short in front of this feeling.

I am not saying everyone should leave their job to follow their interest as everyone have their own stories and struggles and not everyone has the opportunity to take the risk with their respective career but I strongly support the idea of giving a try, try to spare some time from your schedule and do what you love to do, not only it will give you feeling of content but you will feel more blissful and commendable.

Give your dreams wings to fly. Have a great luck and wish me too 🙂

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