It’s summer internship season and many of you are confused in deciding whether to choose a large company or a start-up for your internship. In today’s competitive job market the companies are looking to hire the best of best. They want you to have a glowing resume, extra-curricular activities and previous professional experience. Companies prefer hiring experienced people so that no extra time and efforts could be wasted on them in training. But where you get to know that no one is hiring you, an answer to this question is to do the internship from a particular company. Now you would think whether to do this internship from a renowned company or a start-up.
Internship at start-up is much better than to be an intern in a renowned company if you’re willing to gain a handful of experience and learning. Some of the benefits of doing an internship from start-up are below:
  1. More learning
You will always get to learn more while doing internship from a start-up. As there are fewer employees in a start-up you are given equal attention and 1:1 training and this helps you to learn more things. You’ll constantly be doing and learning something while in large companies you will not be given that much attention
 2. More responsibility
Start-ups or small companies gives you equal responsibilities as to their other employees.You will be considered as a part of the team while in a large company you will be seen on the bottom-of-the-line. In a start-up, you will be seen as a newly hired full-time employee. You will be working on the projects that will directly impact the users. It will look scary first but create confidence in you as you will be practically doing the work you wanted to do.
3. Opportunity to get recruited as full-time employee 
Internships are the chance to prove your ability and skills that you are a hardworking person. And if you proves it there are opportunities available for you in start-ups to get recruited as a full-time employee in the company as you have learned the work of that company well and familiar with the working of the company.
4. Performance is visible
Start-ups are small companies with a dream to achieve something one day. There you will only find 40-50 employees working in that company. This gives you the benefit of making your talent and performance visible. You do good or bad it is easily noticed and evaluated. So working efficiently and towards the goal of the company you can get your work be appreciated.
5. Future Growth
Every big company is not big by its birth. It has taken years of efforts and hard work for the company to become global, and so is the dream of all the small companies. Employees working for years with the start-up enjoys the benefit of this growth and gives them the confidence and they feel motivated as they have given their full time and efforts to take that company on the top.
 6.  Experience of every kind of work
As an intern for a large company, your exposure to the company and it’s different-different department is limited due to its large structure. You can learn every damn thing you want to.
7. Ideas are valued
Start-ups are known for the camaraderie that they have inside their company. The work is equal for all and all have had the right to give ideas in sake and benefit of the company. Your idea will equally be valued as of those working as full-time employees.
8. Entrepreneurial skills
People thinking of having their own business in future will have a  chance to learn the entrepreneurial skills. You will frequently be in touch with the CEO of the company which will help you to learn the entrepreneurial skills from them.
Hence, Internship in both a large company or a small company may sound similar but in my view and experience, you’re actually going to have a lot of good experience and learning from startups. Startups are more relaxed and do not have many strict guidelines.

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