Inter-caste marriage-right or wrong?

Friends, India’s youth facing a huge problem, and this problem we are going to share my thoughts with all of here.

If we walk in Hindi or any language films. The greatest cause of this popularity his romantic songs, the hero and heroine to romance and eventual marriage to meet all of which visitors.

Affects many people prefer such movies too, want the audience to meet the hero and he’s not fall of heroine but is not the cause when we are said.

That was the point of the film industry in our real life is something else friends our country 18 years for girls and boys in the age of marriage has been fixed for 21 years, in other words. We have been an adult to marry. Can say respected Supreme Court believers that the caste system is for our country, that country is ravaged like termites and the Supreme Court is divided in the several parts of the country also say that the inter-caste marriage save you from breaking. Inter-caste marriage means married couple in different species.

In our country marriage is 2 ways marriage & 2. Arrange marriage.

In the inter-caste marriage procedure is not existent, rituals here, but people say that children because trading of inter-cast marriage disintegrating but you have three fish of the same story I heard, we respect traditions but remember water stayed at the same place then it does not take long in coming stench similar Rule of nature applies to traditions and customs most change because society is change one time.

Why bring forward the inter-caste marriage or inter-caste marriage why should promote:-

=the different religion or caste boy girl will merry then his family will interact.

=the discrimination overcome tallest down

=integration will increase

=will come to love each other

Will be unbreakable relationship with love of our favorite young couple will merrymarriage3

=the greatest thing overcome caste discrimination and the best positive changes in the society will, will connect the country.

=inter-caste marriage means the marriage will glow partner in the same state will not ban in the whole country / world will be able to merry his choice.

Friends , social pressure, many parents forget the happiness if their children’s , even if they do not have any p[rove with inter-cast marriage what society ask this question in his mind would have been , we tell you that even if you like to meet society made up of citizens the society is you do not even run society we would like to say that all young people is a once in a life match making, marriage and life is biggest decision is the important decision and their parents, of course include your family take this question , his experience made the most  of our parents tell you that the world has seen more, they can you well-wisher. You’re own and your love in their hearts. We would like to say that all parents and their children’s by creating a friendly relationship with the children so that nothing of the kind not hesitate to keep in front of them friends we are put on this point because so light today due to support inter-cast marriage on the family lost their lives by suicide several youngster sit in every state of the country. Every day hundreds of cases before they are coming. When a young man of 18 years in a country of our choice, your choice of our prime minister could opt girl/boy cannot merry, what society decides is greater than the law of our constitution? No at all!

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