Integration of Machine Learning into Marketing Automation

Technology integration is not an event. Instead, it has itself become an integral part of our lifestyle.

In present-day context, one can’t deny the role of technology. It has touched every sphere of our lives. Upon evolution, we have witnessed a new version of it, i.e. technology integration. The next big thing is the integration of two hot topics – machine learning and marketing automation.

Machine learning and marketing automation need no introduction. But, we need to understand that what’s the requirement of using machine learning in marketing automation?   Actually, there is a set of rules which makes our MA system functional. But, this rule set is hard-coded to specific user actions only which pose a big issue. Here comes machine learning into the picture. It helps you to set up workflows with a real understanding of different patterns and real buyer journeys. This way we get the required solution to our problem.

Machine learning is highly applicable when it comes to marketing automation. Now, let’s have a look at those applications. Predictive analysis is the very first thing where it finds its application. It helps us in working in a proactive manner that betters the chances of negative outcomes. One can easily analyze the


churn rate in the nearby future and the trend of your growth. Moreover, you can distribute your marketing budget with predictive budget planning.                                                                                                                           Next comes the concept of smart segmentation. Today’s marketing environment is more concerned about micro-segments rather than simple classifications of demographics. The application of the mathematical model of machine learning finds its application in the identification of similar user behaviors becomes an easy job. So, finding out the best desirable segments is done conveniently.                                                            To add on, we have the next generation split testing’. Creation of assumptions, testing and evaluating remains one of the prime tasks for the marketers. To deal with this, a large number of experiments need to be carried out at a time. The solution lies in implementing multi-armed bandit algorithms. Such a methodology reduces the required volume by third ML algorithms will do everything for you.

To sum up, what we can say is the world today is technology driven. The integration of one of the hottest topics from the world of technology with that of the marketing domain is the next big thing.

Undoubtedly, machine learning is an immensely exciting prospect for the marketing world, especially marketing automation.

  • Mohit Verma (PGDIM-24)


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