Inner Outlook

Hello Folks!

This is my first blog on Morning Tea, and i hope i will be able to contribute some valuable pieces in coming times.

I am sure, many daily life events happen around us, and we have our thought perception and perspective about those events. We have our perspectives expanded in horizons like, people involved, surroundings, results occurring from that, and several other things.

And often from our those Perceptions we start Expecting things and Judging people, and trust me guys this makes our life miserable many a times. When you start expecting, things from Situations and People, in back of mind you want to control them, and there comes the part where you break self more.

Let yourself free, breathe Free air, Take life as it comes, try to change your perceptions to positivity. Just for a day make a goal, you will not think anything negative out of any situation, and at end of the day, you will feel its so peaceful, as there is no grudge inside. The more you take life in this manner, the more you will become positive from inside, and less you will Judge people.

When you adapt this positive attitude, rather than assumption, you will understand other Person and the situations they are been in to, when you think “Some one is reacting Weird, may be he had tough day at home/office, or he/she is dealing with certain situation which is very uncertain at the moment. You will feel light, you feel good, and the 440 volt smile wont go off your face, no matter what comes in. Remember after every behaviour of any individual there is a reason, no one would be jerk without an reason.

Every thing, Every Where happens for the Reason, Accept things in flow, with positive outlook, and rest of the things would automatically fall in place in right manner.

Signing Off..

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