Many of the avid readers would have been flabbergasted and in a fit of deep confusion on reading the title! Really, such a recipe actually exists! Ya, in deep thoughts it does! (whew!)Are my male friends with me on this! Their wish is suddenly coming true! So, here we present the best of the ingredients of  a good wife and I am sure that all those “ innocent” husbands would accidentally make their wives read this and expect wonderful results and would keep the “Before” and “After” behavior pattern charts of their wives for eternity to come. So as we say straight from the horses’ mouth, a female giving the ingredients of a “good wife “might in itself be a great juxtaposition”! All set and done the other creatures on this planet, which we call “Men”, have come to the forefront and not even the final over of India- Pakistan world cup can make them leave reading this blog.

So here we go! The first one being “wife who gives ample space to her husband and doesn’t bother how he spends his leisurely Sunday basking in the sun or watching his favorite movie lying comfortably on the recently dry-cleaned velvet covering couch gifted  by his in-laws or simply sleeps off on it, not to miss unabashed and without bath.” Bingo!men need not read further, they have given me full 10 on ten, for even thinking like this! They are wondering who is this divine writer ! Is she married? If, yes, who is this luckiest husband on this planet and how we couldn’t figure out her matrimonial before he did! So, after getting a thumbs up from the opposite sex, I go further in proving myself “a delightful wife”.

The second ingredient is “the wife who quietly picks up the dirty linen thrown all over in the house, sets the unkept cupboard, keeps the shoes back on the shoe-rack, puts the used empty tea cups in the kitchen and goes to get ready to go to her own office…” My readers have ‘tears ‘in their eyes, they are looking for me, they want to have their house plastered with my blog and would go for the best plaster paint available so that the words never get fade off. They might have placed a deity with my picture on it, yet, I just wonder they shouldn’t take my aadhar card picture!

Should I write more ! I am in doubts. What would be the next reaction? Last but not the least, the third ingredient is the “wife who has the memory of that of our hero “Ghajani”- five minutes max..thats it and never ever remembers what happened / why happened/why you said so/how you said so and so on.” I feel sudden tremors, shall I stop? What’s happening? Deadly earthquake! Oh holy God, it had to come the very moment when I am writing my first blog! No, God, please no! Okay, relax, it wasn’t that! All the “patient looking, calm , sensible , always maintaining their nerves -husbands” are on a self constructed rollar coaster ride”, fallen on floor, rubbing their eyes if they read correctly and are jumping here and there, defeating even the most energetic monkeys of the forest and the kid in the corner behind the curtain is in the state of bewilderment that the Science book might have a misprint that the habitat of a monkey is a tree! No, it’s the abode of his father!

These self-effacing, people with very less desires have nothing more to dream or ask for. Today, on the ‘World Human Rights’ day they have got the actual constitutional right as a husband. The printout of this blog would be the birthday, anniversary etc, all the special days ‘gifts- if only they would remember those dates. How interesting! They actually believed that such a title could actually exist? If it would have existed, Ruskin Bond , Chetan Bhagat, Vikram Seth and many more Indian authors would have tried their panache for writing on this and Vikram Seth’s prize winning book would have been titled “The Suitable Wife”. So, let them luxuriate in the dreams of the “ingredients of a good wife” and we may move on to the reader section with much more interesting novels or some plastic money shopping!


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