Industrial Revolution – Technologies taking the Leap

Industrial Revolution evolves when there is a new process of technologies been used with the help of innovation and technological advancements. Its already been seen that the Industrial revolution has already started since a year ago and there are a lot of technological changes with new innovations and advancements. These new technologies started impacting on businesses so much that if we are not in-line with these advancements and make ourselves upgraded with our experiences then it is surely going to hit each and everyone in a big way. As we all know, to survive, we need to go hand-in – hand with new advancements.

Recently, the major technologies which have started impacting the businesses are-

  • Cloud Technology
  • Mobile Application Development
  • IOT (Internet of Things)
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Digital Marketing & SEO
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning , Deep Learning & Neural Networks
  • Robotics
  • Synthetic Technology
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Blockchain & Bitcoin
  • 3D Printing
  • Chatbots
  • DevOps & Automation Process
  • Security, Fraudulent and Cyber Intelligence

Industrial Impact:

Most of the industries like Healthcare, Smartphone, Internet, Online, E-commerce, FinTech, Banking, Mobile-based, Web-based, Payment gateways, etc have already brought-in and made technological advancements with innovations to their companies and that’s how these companies have started growing in a much bigger way than the services companies.

There have been so many changes in the way of using the technologies and taking a technology shift and bringing innovations and technology strategies with many companies which work on smarter pace with low cost and more efficient way to bring more productivity. Altogether, it indicates a great threat to most of the employees and it is going to take-way most of the jobs to make things automate with high productivity. So whats next?

As already there is many news forecasting that many of the IT giants have already started laying off its employees in a big number and it has been estimated to 56,000 job cuts in coming months. Companies like Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, HCL,CapGemini etc are already there in the list.

Last year also we have seen a lot of layoffs from companies like VMware, Symantec, IBM, EMC, CISCO, Microsoft, Yahoo, HP etc., Altogether, more than 2,60,000 job cut happened in the 2016- 2017

It has become a race of Man Vs Machine now but it should be Man with Machines. While Machines doing most of our jobs, it should be that we should much involve in Innovation, Technology strategy and Research & Development instead of just engaging in coding. Automation has so much impacted the industry that it is going to eat most of the jobs especially manual testing jobs. It is quite estimated that it is just beginning of these replacement of jobs with machines and it is going to impact for next 2-3 years. We need to react now soon and make ourselves involve in getting mastery in the advanced technologies in each of our field before these technologies take always most of the jobs.

Employee Revolution:

Now its time that every employee should start learning on new technologies and also these new technologies should bring into our education curriculum also to help the freshers to know about the advance technology not just the same old curriculum will help to compete the outer world. Even it is been seen that the onsite chances of employees is going to reduce drastically due to political traction as US is going to hire local employees more than Indians. Infosys has already set to hire 10,000 local employees in US, so as other IT giants also. It is going to be a global change and each and every employee should understand their level of interest and should become expertise by doing advance courses / certifications which will keep them engaged and connected with new technologies. Companies also should help train their employees with these advance technologies to groom them and take them to next level and not just laying off the employees in the name of low performance. Here, both employees and companies should put efforts to sustain themselves in the new change of technologies.Yes, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is taking over every platform and Data Science have become the food for the industry. Lets be on top of it and get expertise.

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