Impact of Social Media on Youth

In moder life social media is developing fast. It is used by many people all over the world social media is especially very popular among the young however there are many young people who cannot control themselves and are edicted to social media. Addiction to social media has many serious effects including poor study habits, living away from reality and bad health.

First addiction to social media make the youth have bad grades in studies because of social media many students who have were excillent students have become bad students everyday, these students come to class but they don’t focus on study while there proffesor are teaching they are using self phones surfing on Fb, Instagram or chat with friends on messenger. They always check their self phones every 5 min to see what is going on social media.

Social media has become a verry important part of life for many young generation in today’s world. They are many young peoples who keep on engaging themselves with social media without any caring to think about what would be the Impact of Social Media on youth. The effects can sometimes be Possitive and sometimes be negative.


  • It keeps connected to their friends when they are not able to see each other always when they want to
  • Social media keeps you updates about the important things that are going across the globe currently or maybe in your locality. It is a great benefit to know about everything just by the simple click of your finger.


  • People of today’s generation give so much importance to social media nowadays that it has become their priority. They love being in the social media sites and forget about all the things that should come first for them like family, sports and schools.
  • Social media helps the students to cheat on school assignments and for those who work can get some idea about their work.

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