If You want to earn more – Make your Business Online

For Satisfying customer needs , a lot of business have entered in market through different modes – Online and offline .If we want to start a business, the main question comes in our mind i.e. Whether online business or offline business.

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Online Business :

All business activities are done over the internet .It is also referred as e-business.Online business includes buying , selling and providing online services.

Offline Business :

Offline business is limited at a physical place where people come , see or browse through products and buy them

How Online Business helps you in Earning More ?

If you want to Start a Business , you need big investment but online business do not need large amount of money .

  • In offline business, a lot of money is used in promoting your products through newspaper , pamphlets etc whereas promotion of online business is done free of cost with good search engine optimization techniques.
  • Any person sitting at any location is able to able to access your website .
  • Your website is always available on the  internet . you can get order even when you are sleeping
  • It is very easy to manage your business through online and it is time saving process.

In Online Business, firstly you have to register the Domain name just like you choose the name of the Offline Business. After Domain Name Registration , Web Hosting is necessary to make your Website accessible via the World Wide Web (WWW)

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