If I Ran the World

It would be a great fun and a big responsibility to run the world. There can be n number of good things that we can do even if we are not ruling this world. If each and every individual takes the responsibility on their shoulders to do something good, then surely this world will change. But, think once If an opportunity to rule this world would be given to you what would you do. Few things that I would do, If I were chosen to rule the world:

  1. Exams would be banned – Biggest torture for all.                    
  2. Remove the corruption.
  3. End violence against women.
  4. The final decision in just two days for criminals.
  5. I would create self-cleaning houses – actually, man would be cleaning it.
  6. Fruitful trees and colorful flowers everywhere – pollution free world.
  7. No homework – Enjoy.
  8. No formals in office – Try something new like pajamas.
  9. Paint the world with colors and glitters using magic.
  10. Wings to fly – No vehicles, No accidents, Everyone can go abroad without a Visa.
  11. Only one language that would be a universal language – no need to learn any other language to get a good job.
  12. Help the poor ones – shelter and food for everyone to live
  13. Office working just for two hours.
  14. School for 4 days a week – parents need to worry now.
  15. Implement dowry on those who demand dowry – they should also realize how difficult it is.

I know I could come up with more things to change this world and make it beautiful. Seriously if everyone takes the responsibility of doing at least 2 good things a day, imagine what this world would be after some time.


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