So, somewhere we all are in a race of chasing our dreams
But only some of us are successful in this race , what about others . some day before I am trapped in a rush of thoughts which inspire me to wrote something like we all run in one manner to fulfill our dreams , we never run fro satisfaction and happiness which is more important for us , on the other hand we all know that we are running for earning of our needs which provide us that satisfaction.


In this busy life we found many people who tell their journey to us and we got divert or there are many people who teach you how to be like them and nobody wants their suggestion at all . but they teach you forcefully about the things which are not included in your dreams ,

I think somebody alot them to wash our mind
you know I thought when we follow anyone out of our dreams and passion it is more difficult . ‘’It is like pulling of a big rock on a mountain by yourself ‘’.
I thought there are many small things which gave us satisfaction and that happiness which we earn by lots of hardwork we have to do focus on that things.COPIED THINGS ARE BURDEN



Lots of people do career counseling they are good in their profession but somewhere it distract us from our dreams and passion. So, take these counseling if you need them. It is necessary we know but when you need it otherwise there is no need to counsel yourself . this meant to say if the counseling is of your passion then take it. Don’t hear any non-require things which distract you.STRESS YOU FEEL WHEN YOU COVERED BY DIFFERENT THOUGHTS


There are many people who says that they are successful follow me and all , always remember they are not the right persons to guide you , because I think a right person never force you to make them idol, even though they guide you
so that you don’t make mistake like them.


Last and the main thing there are many small things in the world which are quite enough to make to happy, it is important to consider your dreams and follow them but don’t forget those small things for example:- I love to came office by my scooter, I love to watch when sun is rising, I love to sing with my friends when we walk together.
I know all these thing doesn’t give you earning but they are able to give you satisfaction, and you can also add these things to your daily work and in your passion it definitely give you happiness.

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