I am a Girl – Yes I am Daughter, I am Papa’s Daughter

It is rightly said,” Girls are the Blessing for a family”. They are the ones who make for walls of a house a home; a place for living, a place for love, a place for learning, a place for celebrations, a place where everyone Loves, cares, helps each other. She is the one who emotes emotions in your Heart, Life. You all know about 9 Deviyan; a girl is the one who has all those 9Forms in her which can be seen according to situations. That’s why it is said “ldkiyon ko smjhna mushkil hai” as they act according to the situation.

I have been hearing in my family that Girls choose on their own the family that they want to take Birth in. They are one of the luckiest one where the girls are there. And somehow I also do believe in this.

A Girl is a Plant who grows up with the warmth of your Love, Care, Affection & teachings

It’s really felt special yesterday when I woke up, got gifts, blessings & wishes from all elder family members “Happy Daughters Day”. I didn’t even know about the Day. And it was a whole day full of Masti, party, living old memories, having fun.

Really loved it a lot! This was all about me & my family.

But I know some girls are treated like burden & have been living their life like they are in Jail. They want to fly high in sky freely like a bird, but they couldn’t because of lots of boundations on them. I am not questioning on their family because I can’t change the thinking of others. They are right according to them, but at least they can ask their daughter, sister, wife what she wants in her Life. Asking this one question means a lot to her. If you feel like she is correct guide her, provide her all the facilities, help; she is expecting from your side. And if you don’t want or like her wants just to make her understand your point of view. That why it’s not right, make her understand all the pros & cons.

I am very much sure she will understand your point of view. And she will care your feelings, guidance that she got. This is all because just you asked one question from her “What she wants?” She will not feel like living in boundaries, as she is sharing her points, dreams with you. She will work as you want but its just the way you ask her to do it – “pyaar se, gusse se or order diya“. The whole thing depends on these.

Give your Daughter – confidence, to know her self-worth, the strength to chase her Dreams, & most important the ability to know how truly & deeply Loved she is.

A Daughter is just a Little Girl who Grows up to be your Best Friend.

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