How was your Weekend? Relaxing , Adventours or Just at Home?

Every one of us work like DPs from Monday to Friday , and then wait for a nice weekend to relax or to have a nice nap or to go out somewhere with family . How

difficult is that every week to follow same routine and then go back for  another week with same things.

Do you need a break , or always think for going on a vacation for a long period , it is very interesting fact that our level of efficiency increases when we are free

mind and have gained energy after a break. But you can do this every day by taking short breaks at your work which actually will make your weekdays and weekends common.


and work and fun goes hand in hand.

I tried watching my weeks for a month and found that even though all days are same but due to our mindset on them we have created a pathway where Monday is treated as

the busiest day and Friday is treated as day where work speed decreases being we wait Saturday to come soon so a break can be taken.

Then for next month I tried changing my schedule starting my Day early morning and working till late nights but that comes lot of small / tiny breaks give me enough

time to regain my energy for every interval of work and finally have done more work as compared to last month.

Try this for a week:

1) Change your work routine from your current schedule by chaining timings
2) Take small breaks at your work in between to regain your energy for more efficiency

Hope your week can be a different one, write back with your queries or thoughts here!


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