How to improve skill development!

Aim to be understood. Aim Skills Development is also a Social Enterprise dedicated to empowering and improving the lives of the community and society as a whole.Your goal is decided that what do you want in you life. If  you have not any goal then you not able to success in our life. .

Make eye contact. Some people not eye contact when they communicate with people. Acknowledge that you are paying attention to someone by meeting their gaze eye to eye. Eye contact will make your conversation partner feel like you’re more engaged. If you’re uncomfortable looking someone directly in the eyes, choose a point just above or below the eyes, like the bridge of the nose, and look there instead.

Monitor your body language. Show interest by sitting up and leaning forward slightly. Resist the urge to tap your fingers or foot, as this can indicate impatience.

Practice speaking. This includes both public speaking and casual conversation. Even if you’re uncomfortable speaking in front of others, practice will make speaking come more easily and improve your ability.

Develop your writing skills. Much like speaking, the more you write, the easier it will become. You can also take courses to improve your writing. You can do writing exercises on your own.

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