How to generate a great IDEA?

Want to generate great IDEAS? Ideas flow in our mind everyday but we never put much of our efforts to implement it in a structured way. Most of the ideas just get wash away as we do not record them or make a note of it in a proper way and have to work it out. Let’s check what the difference between Good & Great Ideas? Good ideas come most of the time which help us to solve small problems in our work or daily life. Great Ideas appear less frequently and need a little more work to execute.

The big challenge of generating great ideas is freeing one -self from the conventional, lack of interest that occupy most of our brain space. Lets decide that we will generate ideas in a regular basis and will act on it at least once in a week.

Here are few tips to generate great ideas –

Generate IDEAS each & every day:

The best way to generate great ideas is to generate LOT of IDEAS ! Just pick -up some topic / problem each day and then start generating ideas out of it by trying to giving it solutions. Out of quantity is all about quality. Just start making points out of the ideas at least 10 . Keep all the ideas. Its amazing looking at the points what we make. It yields great result.

We all are creative and we generate great ideas as well but mostly we ignore our creative thoughts. When we set out to generate ideas deliberately each day, we will strengthen our idea – generation skills.

Get into observation sessions:

We need to stimulate our brain to generate ideas and creative thinking. Closed rooms will make brain stubborn and wont allow brain to work on creative thoughts. We need to spend some time observing our surroundings , people, environment etc. When we make ourselves into such sessions, our brain will act fast and start generating flow of ideas in open circumstances.

Travel & Relax:

It is one of the most important factor for idea generation. We need to spend time with ourselves and be relaxed. Relaxed mind will generate more ideas and help brain to rejuvenate. Travel frequently to most loved places whether our brain gets relaxed and help us to think better. Hill stations are more preferred once as the much we are with nature , the more we get relaxed and help our brain to stimulate with creative thoughts. Yes, take vacations at least once in 3 months.

Read books:

Books are ones best friend. Books helps us to learn lot of things and stimulate ideas. We need to build the interest to read the books whatever we like to. Few people like novels, few like fictional, few like scientific, few like business etc. Every book help us to build and generate ideas in some or the other way. It plays the role of catalyst to the brain when comes to idea generation.


When we meet or chat with anybody online / offline , we are exposed to conversions and discussions which helps in thinking prospects as well. We are also able to restructure and re-frame our own thoughts and experiences. We may find to discuss any problems or help others to solve theirs. In this way, we prone to get into solutions. Ideas are generated when we are able to solve any problems or situations.

Keep a hand-book / personal diary:

A hand-book / personal diary is great for note down the thoughts, ideas, feelings and history of our life. It helps us to structure and develop ideation habits in a processed way. We need to keep note of things whichever we feel is important or we need to execute shortly so that we do not forget them and make the ideas our reality. It will rewind all our thought process later part of our life which give us immense pleasure of what are we !

Break the old pattern:

Over the time, we use to develop our own patterns of behavior and thoughts. We need to change those patterns slowly to get into more exposed platform. We love to be within our own circle, people and hang around with them which makes us comfortable. When we break the comfort zone and get into thought provoking platforms by networking with more professional people , discussing with them about the problems , we tend into get exposure to more great ideas as we listen to others even share our thoughts with others which result to some great solution. The most we are out of our comfort zone and connect with more new people , the more we generate great thoughts and creative ideas.

Give peace to Mind:

Its hard to come up with great ideas when our mind is filled with lot of everyday thoughts , issues and problems. Our mind need to be relaxed and quite for sometime to retain its energy and generate flow of ideas and new thoughts. Meditation, does it for us to clean our mind from our daily stress ,confusions and pressure. We need to give time to our mind to cleanse the unwanted things which will resist the flow of idea generation. At least 10-15 minutes a day will help.

All these methods require a commitment of time and energy from us. We need to give our brain and mind the space to work for us and help us with idea generation and creative thinking. If we try these, we are bound to come up with some great ideas which we should plan and execute it in a structured way to get the best results. Every great company is the result of some great ideas and creative thoughts. Ideas are resulted into products which in turn stands out to be a great company. A small idea of ours can result to something BIG !

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