How to be Smart, Intelligent, Brilliant and Genius

Let’s start with the basics, even if you pass the MENSA test, and the results showed that your IQ level is much higher than average.

You could still be, very impractical, lack common sense and be utter failure in your relationship, happiness and maybe professionally and financially as well.

There are numerous examples of highly intellectual and highly qualified people, who had very miserable lives. Therefore, having high IQ level is not same as being highly intelligent, smarter, brilliant and genius.

High IQ level is only indicative of being highly logical.

On the other hand, being highly intelligent, smarter, brilliant and genius is evolving, creating, discovering, or inventing. [in this article all these 4 terms intelligent, smart, brilliant and genius are used interchangeably with each other].

You can have brilliance in artistic, sports, business, problem-solving, observing and forecasting trends, in communicating, in charming others or many other areas.

The smartness or brilliance and intelligence is highly expertise oriented, meaning these are the art of making yourself a master of something by intense practice, learning and continuous refinement.

Being brilliant in one thing does not mean that you would be brilliant in other areas too. Some people think that in order to be a genius you have to be good at everything. That’s not true.

There’s no reason to believe that Einstein could have mastered anything he wanted to master simply because he was considered a genius.

People with a low level of competence will tend to overestimate their abilities, whereas highly competent people will tend to sell themselves short.

This is because, the more intelligent you are, the more you understand, the gap between the perfection and you and also that need to further improve your current knowledge or skill level.

Get rid of the assumption that you have to know it all in order to be a genius, it alright to be a genius is one area but not in another area.

How to know if you are Brilliant, Smart, Intelligent and Genius

The following gives you not only a checklist, but also, what to do to be brilliant [all the * marked ones have DIY tips as separate blog in success unlimited mantra’s blog section]

1. They prefer to be silent as compare to verbose [ although not all quiet people are necessarily smart, highly intelligent people will often refrain from speaking if they feel they either don’t understand, or that it is unnecessary or that they are preparing questions to clarify or an adequate response]

2. They face their problems upfront

3. They welcome challenges*

4. They take risks*

5. They are not bothered by what other’s think of their ideas, opinion etc

6. They choose their company carefully and tend to mix with creative and smart people

7. They have low tolerance for pointless chatter

8. They tend to be perfectionist

9. They are big dreamers*

10. They also think about creating major changes that impacts a large population

11. They constantly critique the process, themselves and others

12. They are well read and upto date with latest development in a diversified field

13. They are always trying to improve themselves by upgrading their knowledge and skills*

14. They always are occupied with many different projects

15. They have the ability to ask penetrating and introspecting questions*

16. They give helpful advice to all and sundry

17. They are open-minded and highly adaptable*

18. They understand how much you don’t know

19. They are always curious*

20. They can spot opportunities at a time where no one else can*

21. They enjoy their own company

22. They can keep their impulsiveness at bay

23. They can be unusually humorous and witty*

24. They are highly empathic and are sensitive to other people’s experiences*

25. They have very high level of Emotional Intelligence*

26. They are also Socially intelligent*

27. They can connect seemingly unrelated concepts

28. They procrastinate for all their major passionate dream projects*

29. They can visualize big picture, larger than life*

30. They usually have High Sex Drive

31. They have less need for Sleep than others

32. They question everything, God, system, experts and even their own motivation*

33. They may have Weird Hobbies*

34. They do things, which makes many people laugh at Them*

35. They may not pay attention to how they dress as they prefer to wear and normally wear the same outfit every day

36. They can be disorganized and messy

37. They talk to themselves a lot

38. They have high level of anxiety and are chronic worriers

39. They seldom maintain same routine

40. They are generally Rebellion in nature*

41. Thy can take big and tough decision*

42. They expect the best always from themselves.

43. They are always in the scene and never are the bystander*  => for complete article

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