How should we dress up at office.

It definitely comes in the mind of all you that what should you wear while going to office and what not ?
You must have known that the first impression is the last impression.
Today I will clear these confusions, what should you wear during office time.
If you want to have a good effect on the person in front, then you must first see your dressing sense. If you dressing sense is good then we have a different attitude. That attracts the front to person.


The girls have a lot of problem with how they dress at the office so that they look beautiful and also be comfortable.
I think we should wear formal dress in office. Like this….

office attire
office outfits idea

The formal look develops our personality and it looks great too.You can wear Indian dress in addition to formal dress. Saree , kurti and suits you can wear all these at office time. But if you want to wear it to the Indian clothing office , than you must first check your body types.

office attire
office outfit idea

We should wear light colored clothes in the office. ( sky blue , pink, yellow , black , white and gray )
This all color’s that we all likes.
Accessories have an important part in our dress. It’s presented our dress and perfects our look.
With formal dress we can also wear one hand watch and bracelet. We should wear black shoes/ juti with it and you will look great.
If you are wearing a saree, than you should wear high heels ,necklace and bangles also and if you are wearing a kurti and suits , than you should wear them sandals and juti.
An important thing is that you will wear small earrings with all these dresses and this will match with all your outfits.

office attire


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