How Safe Are Our Women

How Safe Are Our Women

In consideration of what women may have could have or have already undergone safety problems in country. India is a fourth most dangerous country for women to live. Police records show increased incidences of crimes against women in India.

The women related crimes such as rapes and molestation include rather severe form of social stigma.  The crimes were often left unsaid and no complaints were filed so it can be see that mentality are the root causes of women being silent the status of women have been subjected to various changes- Indian women have socially suffered. Some of the common crimes against women are female infanticide and dowry, domestic violence.

Although there have been various attempts by the government to prevent such crimes establishes rules. Women have started to take various safety measures like carrying a pepper spray. With the advancement of technology, there are different apps and other features; women can contact their family easily with just a click of button.

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