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We all wants that our home look different than the other homes. Because most of our time spend in our home. It should be simply beautiful decorated but putting some small efforts we can result a lovely peace full place. A common latest ho me may be have featured dull look. Bright colors can change the entire and stylish behavior then the home decoration. Now I’ll share some beautiful ideas and suggestions one by one that how you make your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and drawing room more beautiful.




The most important part of our home our bedroom, where you get yourself relax at day or night. There are some colors that we used from a decade and most the room decors start blue and white. Different color of touch represent our moods in most of the way. Now you change a tedious bedroom color to some energetic and peaceful colors.

The strongest color is red, which rises the room energy and mostly used in bedrooms.




Many people today are opting for a lighter look in their kitchens. The most expensive choice would be to replace the cabinets completely. This involves applying new wood veneer to the cabinet bases and installing new doors and drawers. You can also keep the wood look by having the cabinets stripped, bleached and refinished. Your other option would be to paint the cabinets.

Some of other ideas to make your kitchen beautiful…

Update hardware. Hardware can completely change the look of the piece of furniture and it can do the same for your cabinets.

Use lighter colorskitchen1

Replace cabinet doors

Change lighting

Use artwork

Paint your appliances stainless steel

Add window treatments

Style your breakfast nook.




Drawing room

When there is a large gathering of guests of any function, to minimize problem of space during late hours you can use sofa which serves both the purpodrawing-roomsses, one of sofa and the other of bed in emergency. If there is large space use folding furniture and furniture on wheel which can be pulled only when it is in required.  Colors plays a dominant role in decorating a drawing room. Light color makes the room larger and spacious. For small rooms, use light colors such as white or cream they are obvious choice for wall. The room would look smaller if there are smaller colors. However, you can choose warm colors from some areas of the room. Thus colors should be selected carefully.




When designing your bathroom, and add brightness character thoughts your decorating scheme. Go for fabulously bold wall papers designed and eye wallpaper’s paint colors that really make a statement. Combinations that you just wouldn’t have the guts to try else ware. Space often at a premium so optimizing it with clever storage is a must. Filled or free- standing cabinets. Peg rails and shelving with create space for all those bathroom for must haves and accessories. Tiles are the obvious choice for bathrooms and come in so many varieties, whether your style is seek and modern, classic and traditional or anything between in your budget. Recent bathroom trends for bathroom have included hotel and spa style. Nautical and retro design. Going for broad modern, traditional or country style suite may be better longer term solutions. After all a bathroom is an expensive room to refit.




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