Hold on your optimism!!

“When it rains look for RAINBOWS,

When it’s dark look for STARS”

Life is a rollercoaster ride, going up and coming down. During this situation of unending twists and turns, when we are desperate to live up our normal lives,  it’s our choice to break or make ourselves happy.

May be this time is challenging, but it is said that the challenges teach us many things. I feel during this crucial situation of corona outbreak we have learned many new things. Enjoying doing nothing, this is also a unique experience . Discovered the hidden talents within us. We have started becoming independent while doing the household chores. Developing new hobbies from painting to cooking, bringing out the new artists and chefs within us. Enjoying good food and binge watching.

Caring for the plants , enjoying the fresh morning and evening breezes , chirping of birds, enjoying the sunset view from the balcony . Actually , connecting with the natureNo fixed time to sleep and wake up.

We are doing things that we never thought of doing before i.e. enjoying our own time.

When there is desperation and anxiety all around, it’s the time to enhance our life and not make it a complicated one. Live up the moment and spend quality time with family.


Rekindle these unique experiences and create new stories of discovering your real-self. Since there is no replay and rewind with the time, just enjoy every moment as it comes. Cherish these beautiful memories of togetherness for the better days coming ahead.


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