Hesitation – Common Problem or A Fact!

A common problem with all of us that occurs everyday in life. Whether it is going to appear on stage in school , going for first Interview, your first presentation, your first proposal, your first talk with a stranger.

There are lot of roads we have travel in our life and we think hours and hours on just about should we travel or should we not on these paths. Talk to a 12 years old boy / girl ask them for dreams and thoughts , they will give you superb innovations, they will tell you how to think things which you event can not imagine.
Life gives us an opportunity saying Knock Knock and most of time we either ignore it because we have a Negative Thought Am I able to take this task, Am I that much capable. The time we waste in thinking and then loosing it , makes us regret in latter life having thoughts ” Why I have not taken it”
Its a call where we need to just say Yes to things which are feasible and meant for us. It is better to have some hurdle, speed breakers, falling in the street and then wake up next day with more energy and living in a Fact not in your Head.

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