Sand and Sun – Summer has Begun!

It’s Summer. And you are confused about which beauty makeup products you should use this summer to make your skin glow, healthy hairs, and trendy too Right? Here this article will help you find an answer to your question. Obviously, there are chances that you must be spending some your time in the sun whether on beach or pool or any other outdoor activities but remember that there is no greater enemy to a healthy skin than sun’s damaging rays.

Summers are the worst time of the year as we face many skin and hair problems in summers only that makes us look so dull. To avoid skin and hair problems you must make sure that you are using sun block products on your exposed body to protect it from sun’s damaging rays.

Here are some beauty makeup products that will keep your hairs healthy and skin glowing this summer.

  1. Sunscreen

Sunscreens are known to be the best friends in summers. Sunscreen with more SPF will always be good for exposed skin to protect it from the sun. Apply the sunscreen to your skin 30 minutes before you step out in sun. You should give some time to your sunscreen to settle down on your skin and it is settled you can use the makeup of your choice.


2. Body Scrub

Summer is the season in which you are sweating and feeling dirty and greasy all day long. Body Scrub could be the best option to make you feel refreshing. Body scrubs cleans all the dirt and sweat and makes you feel fresh every new day.


  1. Painted Toenails

Summers are best chance to make your feet free out of socks and shoes. You can paint your toenails and also you can try some nail art to look trendy.


  1. Lip Balm with SPF

Lips are 2 times softer and sensitive than our skin that’s why they should be protected more. Lip balm containing SPF protect your lips from the sun. It also makes your lips smoother and softer.



  1. Light Perfume

 As we all know that summer is all about sweating so some people suffer from more and bad smell sweating and that’s why they then hesitate in meeting with someone. The best solution for this problem is to go for a light scent that should last long as humidity dry them out.

 6. Anti-tanning creams

Summer is the time to go out on the beach and for other outdoor activities. Every time you step out in the sun you add a little bit tan on your body which makes your skin look dull and darker. To avoid the tanning problem, one can use anti-tanning creams. These creams help in removing sun tan restoring the natural fairness of the skin. Sometimes it also prevents pigmentation done by the harmful sun rays.


  1. Hydrating Lip Gloss

The hot air of the summer leaves our lips dry and chapped. One can use hydrating lip gloss to prevent this problem. These lip gloss are infused with oils and butter that gives pillowing feeling without any stickiness. Some do not like to wear colors on their lips they can wear transparent lip gloss also.

 8. Sun protective hair mask

Summer makes our hair dry and rough. It makes our hairs dirty and greasy due to a lot of sweating. Using shampoo to avoid this problem can be harmful to hairs so better go for some sun protective hair mask. You can use them every alternate day restoring the moisture and natural shine of your hair.


These summer beauty makeup products can help you look trendy and keep your skin and hair healthy, shining and glowing. These will help you to restore your natural beauty.


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