Heels for the occasion!Wear it right! Feel right!

It’s the cry of all girls on what footwear to wear?Will high heels make me look out of the box? will flats make my dress look graceful? Similar questions hit our minds whenever we plan our outing, decide on the dresses. 

Get it right with the quick guide on types of heels you should go for on a particular occassion.

  • High Heels or Pumps

This type of shoe ranges from 2 to 3 inches in height and usually are low cut on the front area. They are great for hemlines that fall below the knee, for formal indoor, affairs like weddings and for people who want to look elegant and sexy. They also blend well with the corporate attire. Moreover, they can add zest to a rather boring get-up such as jeans and a plain shirt. While high heels are the most popular shoes, perhaps due to its attractiveness, they are not fit for all occasions This particular kind of heel is not ideal if you need to stand or walk for a long period of time.

  • Stilettos

Reaching up to 8 inches in height, stilettos are the highest and thinnest of heeled shoes. These are the kind of heels that majority of girls long for. They are perfect for evening wear and come as a perfect match for that versatile “Little Black Dress.”

  • Platform Heels

Platforms have made a great come back from their popularity in the 90s. They are either short or tall. A common characteristic, though, is that the front part of the sole is thicker, making it more comfortable to wear than the other types of high heels because there is less difference between the front and back part in terms of height. Platform heels are intended for your partying and clubbing. Wear them if you want to look tall, flirty and pretty – a “stand out” from the crowd, in every sense of the phrase.

  • Wedges

These are quite similar to high heels, although there is no separation from the heel part to the sole. Use them for skirts with hems below the knee for a taller, elongated appearance. They are also suited for your evening dates and girl’s nights out. Most importantly, wedges are the best footwear during summer, during barbecue or pool parties. A pair of them will also be perfect for an occasion in any type of terrains such as a garden wedding since you don’t have to worry about your thin high heels sinking into the grass or soil.


  • Mid Heels

These shoes offer great comfort and are the best for your daytime activities like going to work, attending classes, joining a friend for coffee or going shopping since they are neither too high nor too low. To be more stylish, you can opt for menswear-inspired shoes such as loafers.

  • Kitten Heels

These are your unique mix of comfort and fashion.  Kitten heels are lower than mid heels and another ideal type of shoes to wear in going to work since they are commonly not more than 1.5 inches in height. They are also best for informal evening occasions such as going out for dinner with friends and for parties where you expect to be on your feet most of the time.

  • Ballet Flats

Popularly known as “Ballerinas”, these type of shoes are great for semi-formal or casual events such as dance dates, for trips and for activities where you have to walk or stand for hours. They also look perfect on clothes with above the knee hemlines. 

Be elegant, Be graceful and keep reading Morning tea !!!

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