Healthy Diets for Summer


Summer is here and as always mercury level is raising the bars and thus , scorching sun heat is difficult to bear.We have enough reasons to constantly look-up for soothing foods.

Here are some healthy diets that you should definitely include in your food to cool-down your body temperature and chillax you mind .!!

  • Cucumber


Cucumber is 95% water content vegetable , easily available at your nearby market and that too at cheap cost.

It has very helpful for Constipation. It’s also helpful for your eyes and removing dark circle .

Cucumber Nutrition

In a 100 gram serving, raw cucumber (with peel) is 95 percentage water, provides 16 calories and provides low content of essential nutrients, because it is notable just for vitamin K at 16 PF of the Daily price (table)


  • Onions









Who knew that Onions can have cooling properties.!!

Add onions to your Curries, dips, Raitas, Salads and chutneys to help you stay cool.

Red onions, especially, are very healthy .

Act as natural anti-allergen.

Having a lot of onions will give you protection against Sunstroke .

  • Coconut water









An inexpensive coconut is packed with health advantages and has good cooling properties.

It is laden with easy sugars, electrolytes and essential minerals for keeping the body well hydrous.

It also has cancer fighting and anti-ageing properties .


  • Mint








Mint is easily available, cheap herb that you’ll boost your curd to create Pudina Raita or have it within the sort of chutneys or besides it,use it in dips.

The simplest issue regarding it’s that you simply will grow it in a very little pot at house for your use. . it doesn’t helpful for bring down the body temperature, we like it as a result of the good and refreshing taste

  • Green veggies










Though green vegetables are very good around the year,

it’s a good to own a lot of them during the summer months because they content high water content.

Avoid overcooking them as a result may cause loss of water contained in them.

  •  Melons     








This is another fruit that is almost 90th water.

Have a lot of it in summers to stay cool and well hydrous.

  • Lime water









The simple lime water or Nimboo – Pani isn’t only refreshing, it also has health advantages for you. you’ll have it sweet, salt-cured or add dash of black salt and cumin powder to that. Have it chilled and beat the warmth.


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