HEALTH and Ayurvedic

Health! People have no time for secure our health. They think one side. They do just only work and force on money making. They have no time for gym, yogo. Every second of new disease or virus are born and at the same every second people are dying due sue to diseases. Most of the cases in which people dies are due to diseases. Some disease is common for people like diebeties, sugar, bp, allergy, fever and more diseases. So they don’t think about our health, they think it just only a regular disease. At the age of 30 people surfer form bp,sugar,diebities etc ,they suffer from these diseases at the small age because they think about our body ,they think it’s just only a small disease.
Take thinking higher and make passion, make body healthy with you get a personality. Now you have to stop our bad habits and start gym or yoga. When the sun rises wake up and make your health secure by through gym, yoga and stop eating hygienic food .Put some craziness make body power which fight with every diseases. Do exercises every day in one hour. Go get the paddle of health cure, make their body fit and fine. After marriage people look like old age through eating hygienic food or do not cure about health. Some people take care of our health they live and run at the age of 100 for example a Kolkata man whose age is 102 ,he is physically fit ,he is every day go to the gym. He is at the starting age ,he was cure our health and every day go to the gym. So we understand that if we live more then we will improve our health and make body perfect and fine. Our every second of life is important for us and our family. Take medicine which is made of plant because this type of medicine which is we called ayurvedic it works slowly but its works properly. These types of medicine have no side effects. But our future or artificial or we called synthetic medicines works properly but sometimes it’s doesn’t work. It is dangerous and they cause great side effects. So people have to aware about this ,this is bad for health .If they want to be cure our health then they start gym, yoga or when they are ill or suffer from diseases then the mostly the use ayurvedic medicine their mineral protect our body from diseases.

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