Graffiti An Art To Color the World as you Want

Graffiti hears to be something different & unique, isn’t it? I think so yes it is. As I also read it the first time. Today I am going to share my learning with you all. As it is good to always share your thoughts, knowledge & experience that you have.

Graffiti is the roadside ART – Isn’t it seems that what so special in this. Below are some of the examples you can have a look & then you can understand. Graffiti is Really an Amazing ART. Sometimes it annoys you, sometimes you admire the talent of its artist, and sometimes you just glance at it and keep walking.

Graffiti comes from the Italian word graffere, which means ‘to scratch on a surface.‘ This ‘scratching‘ can be done on any surface with any implement, permanent or not. This Graffiti has been emerged from “Old Stone Age

Museum in BERLIN, is the Bestest Museum of Graffiti. 

These Art not only makes the Walls colorful but also express the feelings, state of mind of the artist. Some of these Arts are soo aggressive that you can get to know what the artist might be going through. Arts is the Best way to express.

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