Google Assistant : The Magical Genie

Google Assistant is a voice-activated personal digital assistant. Launched at 2016 I/O conference in California organised by Google.

As other organisations has their own personal assistant like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Microsoft’s Cortana Goole has launched Google assistant. As required we can switch too typing or voice command in smartphone Google Assistant gives relevant data and performs activities, for example, booking an eatery reservation or communicating something specific for the benefit of the client.


To perform its functions, Google Assistant relies on artificial intelligence (AI)  which is one of the  newest technology .

According to CEO Sundar Pichai The goal of Google Assistant is to “build a personal Google for each and every user.” Google Assistant will eventually be the connective tissue among all of Google’s core software and hardware products.

Clients who need to exploit Google Assistant must buy one of the items that offers it as a component – Google Home, one of the different cell phones it bolsters, an Android Wear 2.0 smart watch , an Android TV, an Android Auto vehicle with Assistant help, or the visit application Google Allo. Once a client has started utilizing it alongside their Google account, it is critical to utilize it frequently to enhance the nature of data it gives.


now a days google assistant is used as magical Wand  of harry potter  .. as what you want just start the assistant and say it “ok google”   and speak what you want too know from Google about anything you  want. Google assistant is best way to use the internet too. Get best information from Google.

As far Google assistant is the best service provided by  Google to help us.   Google assistant can work on smartphone with iOS and Android  with  6.0 marshmallow or higher.  if you want to  live a better Google and internet life  then try the Google assistant.



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