Global Manpower Supplier – A New Role of India

India is the third largest economy of the World. The focus of the present Govt of Make in India concept to boost the Economy further is getting
a huge response from Foreign Investors. One of the basis requirments for its success is the availability of skilled manpower available to run
the Industries.India currently has currentlty on 6 % skilled manpower against 70 % in China and 100 % in Germany and North Korea.
India has the potential to become a Global Skilled Manpower suplier, being a young nation as 41 percent of India’s youth is below the age of 20 years. To take advantage of this demography there is a need to
focus on skill development. For example, Indian Power Sector is facing huge challenges in terms of its performance , especially in the Distribution Sector,
which is having cumulative loss of Rs 3,84,000 Crores. The reasons for this mainly being non-availability of adequately skilled manpower in the
following area:

1. Technicians
2. Linemen
3. Electricians
4. Substation Operators
5. Operation and Maintenace personnel
As per the current study consducted by Power Sector Skill council, there is a requirment of developing 10 lakh skilled manpower by
the year 2022. In order to achieve this target there is a requirment of infrastructure in terms of laboratories/workshops and trainers.
This can be achieved through Academy – Industry Interface and training the trainers on latest state of the art technology.
Another concept which can be introduced is by offering on-line courses to the employees along with contact practice classes.

Incentive schemes are to be devised for attracting young people to under go skill development programs as presently the skill development
program is not getting a response due to the unwillingness of the youth to participate in such programs.

certain measures which can be taken to increase the willingness for participation could be
1. Providing Stipened
2. Certificates from authorised Institutes which would be equivalent to a certain level of academic programs.
3. Giving preferences in jobs
4. Making it mandatory for contractors to employ these certified youth.

These interventions can help India have advantage over other countries in terms of trained/skilled manpower Skill India

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