Give Your 100% to Life, Happiness, Success and Relationships

Giving 100 percent to everything

Most of us live a half/a quarter/or a fraction of our life, because we try to achieve many things in life, in the process of becoming super-human, by simultaneously focusing on multiple projects in personal, professional, relationship and other aspects of life.

As a result, thereof, although we do manage to achieve quite a bit in many areas, but the level of our accomplishments, amount to mediocre level. Instead of their being at very high level of excellence. It happens because our efforts, thoughts and time is divided between numerous activities and outcomes.

On the other hand, when we give our 100% to the most important and those objectives that really matters in long term, we get the following benefits

  1. Even if we do not succeed in out attempts, we do not beat ourselves or blame ourselves
  2. We accept failures and other mistakes and are able to move on with our future and, thereby creating a more meaningful life
  3. The quantum of our emotional baggage is smaller, in absence of doubts, regrets and guilt and shame, that happens because of the thoughts like, “I should have done this or that”
  4. We feel satisfied, as when we look back we know that we have done our best, at that time to our best of abilities
  5. We are not burdened with doubt and guilt
  6. We can live in the present, taking action towards creating a more worthwhile future, without our past haunting us
  7. We have a very practical and positive outlook to our life
  8. We actually achieve more by focusing on fewer things
  9. Quality of our accomplishments becomes very profound
  10. Our focus becomes sharp and because we prioritize and work on the most important ones, we don’t get distracted by low pay-off goals


If we can create following mindset, in everything that we pursue in life, then we would be living a highly fulfilled life

  1. If I do anything, I will do everything that is needed, not fall short of effort
  2. I will do everything that gives me the feeling of content, and not those that others expect me to do
  3. I will not compromise with excellence, while putting up my efforts
  4. I will do all that will give me the best satisfaction in long term
  5. I will enjoy the process of taking action, enjoy the journey and learn and improve on the way
  6. I will always prioritize to identify what is most important in long run and not get swayed by the glamourous pursuits that gives hollow temporary pleasure for short-term
  7. I will do everything give me that satisfaction of doing the best, every-time. And not rush through just to meet the basics
  8. Nothing of sustainable value is achieved through quick-fixes and short-cuts
  9. The real happiness lies in being uncomfortable, in uncertainties, taking risk to stretch beyond our current capabilities, pro-actively looking for changes and expanding our horizon, our dreams and in the way, we perceive ourselves
  10. Failing or succeeding is not in anyone’s hands but giving 100 percent is


What giving 100% means

  1. 100 percent does not mean perfection as there is always room for improvement, in spite of your success – like in sports or Olympics
  2. In every project after you have done your best, finding out later, what you could have done better in that scenario, and then imbibing the learnings into your further actions
  3. It is about Thinking Qualitatively and not Quantitatively, as only quality is sustainable and satisfactory in most cases, barring few where the it is essential to achieve both quality as well as quantity
  4. Continuously challenging the status-quo and incorporating the Six-sigma and lean-manufacturing mindset by striving for continuous improvement
  5. The right knowledge, hard work and dedication will get you close to 100 percent every time, but it’s the attitude that will take you the 100%
  6. It is never about perfection, but raising the bar every-time
  7. It is about competing with yourself, although you may have role-models for inspiring. But you are not competing with anybody else
  8. It about living your life fully, as per your passions and dreams
  9. The giving 100% applies everywhere, as a parent, as a boss, as a junior, as a spouse – meaning in relationship, in entrepreneurship, in health – while preparing and practicing as well etc etc
  10. It is about being uncomfortable in constant changes, doing newer things, going for things that makes you scared, yet fills with awe, making you think if only I could do it => for full content

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