Get Honest Feedback from your Colleagues & Friends – SARAHAH New App

Now a days, you might be seeing or using a new green colored messaging app. Basically, on Facebook & Whatsapp you might be seeing some post & links like It’s an App like others app only, the uniqueness of this app is you just send a message on clicking the link but the receiver of the messages can’t reveal the sender of the messages. Isn’t it looks interesting that you can send any message to your friends, colleagues, enemies, loved ones & Share your feeling about them & they can’t even know who the person is…

So lets’ have a look how to use this app & history of this app :- 

What is Sarahah App?

Sarahah helps people self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback,” get the app on Google Play Store. Interestingly, Sarahah means ‘honesty’ in Arabic, though this honesty is delivered anonymously. The app is available in English as well as Arabic for iOS and Android users.

So how does Sarahah App work?

Like other apps you just need to download the App & register yourself with your username, email id & password. And then you are good to go.

You can share that link on your Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp Profile as well to get the messages from your known & unknowns. Anyone who has the link to your profile can send the messages to you as an anonymous user. It doesn’t take your mobile number so it’s that no one could analyze who has sent the message.

What are the Privacy Options? 

Sarahah is perfect territory for cyber bullying.  The problem is that avoiding some of the hate on the app is not easy. You can report a message, block the user but what happens to those who send abusive messages is unclear.

Further, you can go to the settings and disable the option to ‘Appear in Search’. Another setting ensures that non-registered users can’t message you on the app. The big problem is there’s no way of knowing who’s sent you a message.

The app shows four icons below each message – a red flag to report message, block icon, reply, and a heart icon to mark a message as favorite. Don’t mistake the reply button for actually replying to the person, who sent you the message. Reply, for some weird reason, lets you forward a message to friends via social media platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more.

Sarahah offers limited setting options as of now. While there’s an option to Log out of the app, we couldn’t find one to delete an account on the app itself. To delete the account, you have to log into the website version of the messaging service and go to settings to remove accounts.

Where Sarahah’s privacy policy goes, the company says they won’t disclose the identity of the logged-in senders to users, except with their consent. So yes, if someone starts sending hateful messages or threats on the app, there’s no way of knowing their identity.

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