From Being Vulnerable to Being Powerful

Being vulnerable is great leadership virtue and trait. If used effectively, it can become your one of the biggest strengths and make you courageous & brave.

How many of know that, practicing how to be vulnerable, can free you from shame, guilt, fear, anger, frustrations etc.

It can also set you, on the path towards tremendous growth, success and wonderful relationships to make your life truly memorable one.

Unable to be vulnerable could be the root cause of your lack of confidence, arrogance, regret etc.

How many of you need yet lack closeness and intimacy in your important relationships.And how many of you regret for not sharing your innermost feelings, when it was needed.

Most of us associate expressing our vulnerabilities with showing our weaknesses, by making ourselves defenseless and open to attack.

Although, it is also true that, if you expose your vulnerability to people who are not your well-wishers or are associated with you for their ulterior agenda or are unscrupulous, then they would certainly use this against you to take advantage of you.

Many of us feel that showing any type of weakness could expose us to judgment or being taken advantage of. So instead of acknowledging weaknesses, we mask them with false bravado and pretenses.

Actually, accepting our vulnerabilities makes us human. Because, like we have our share of successes and triumphs, we are have our mistakes, fears, and failures too.

How to be vulnerable to grow, succeed and build your personality 

  1. Stop Caring About What Others Think
  2. Stop worrying about others laughing at you for exposing your weaknesses, no one actually cares about as thy are themselves busy, thinking about what you might be thinking about them.
  3. It is going to be uncomfortable, initially, but once you are able to identify and accept all your strengths and weaknesses, and start loving yourself for the whole package, you would feel very authentic, very comfortable, very confident, very powerful, without much of baggage
  4. Accept that You are good and worthy
  5. Read my blog on how turn your weaknesses into strengths
  6. Set Realistic Goals to Hedge Your Anxiety
  7. Journaling, initially you to feel and identify your vulnerabilities and to feel comfortable with them, get them out of your head and put it on paper

8.We feel anxious, when we are scared of what might happen, anticipating some future event. Therefore it is important to identify the worst that can happen and then prepare a plan on how would you handle these feelings and emotions. The immerse yourself into actions which would make you focused on and engaged with the present

  1. True courage allows us to be vulnerable and to recognize it and say, “this feels dreadful and scary, but I’m going to do this
  2. Identify What are you afraid of, right now, What would you do if you weren’t scared, then create an action plan and take the first step and then the next and
  3. Identify what are you afraid of being exposed, then have a open heart-to-heart conversation with a trusted person and share. Initially share those things that are less fearsome to you
  4. Find out whether the feelings of rejection or judgement stop you from sharing your true feelings or bringing up difficult topics, then go and do it gradually upping the ante
  5. But if you have a doubt that your partner will betray you, then either do a rain-check or don’t open up with that person, as he/she might not be the correct one to share your feelings with
  6. You need to practice the following in every aspect of life, start small then when your confidence becomes stronger, raise the risk level

A.Feeling Fear Yet Choosing to Act
B.Following Your Heart
C.Persevering in the Face of Adversity
D.Standing Up For What Is Right
E.Expanding Your Horizons
F.Letting Go of the Familiar
G.Suffering your pain With Dignity or Faith
15.Few Courage-Building Exercise
A.Vulnerability doesn’t always work out but it’s better than ending your life asking what if I had showed up
B.Create an energetic support team consisting of people who love, listen, and encourage you to embrace your vulnerabilities without judging, enabling, or commiserating.
C.In a safe environment, share an intimate story with someone on your energetic support team, even if you feel shame or hurt
D.Identify the types of situations that cause feelings of vulnerability by asking yourself:
E.What person or situation makes me feel vulnerable,What is the person or situation showing me about the origin of my underlying pain
F.Only in embracing our true nature, at our deepest core level, as emotional, vulnerable, and feeling beings are we able to tap our resilient inner strength.
G.It takes more strength to free yourself than it does to stay caged in
16.Understand that our vulnerability sprouts from – for full article

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