For All My Life, I’ll Wonder Why

Are you still waiting for some last explanations? Perhaps you were never really meant to get them ever. For if you think about it, what is closure really? Is it the memories behind those lilting words? Or is it the agony of those harsh words?

Most of the people have someone in their lives with whom they lost contact over a period of time. Some goodbyes were intentional on both sides while many were aided with a sudden abruptness for no apparent reason at all. Yet somewhere in your mind, you might still be expectant on some form of communication regarding why.

Closure is a funny thing, meaning different things to different people. But all someone wants is to feel some sort of resolution to a relationship. What will break your heart though is the fact that most people never get to really experience the closure they want. And even if they do get closure, it will be in some unexpected form.

For some people, closure is having the person who wronged them admit to the said wrongdoing. As rarely as it happens, this will not help you reach a space of healing though.

For some, closure means the other person providing an explanation for his actions, right or wrong. The wronged party feels that it will help them move on in their lives.

Then comes closure in the form of revenge. You wait to witness something bad to happen to the person who wronged you or you take things in your hands and try to wreck their lives. This is always empty. It will give you a false sense of satisfaction because in the end, you are still hurting. On top of that, you regret your actions.

Closure is like the last chapter of a book, a book that you are writing. And whenever you finish a book, you move on to the new one. If you get stuck on that one book and just look back on the past, it will always leave you feeling salty. Instead, you could decide what you want as your own ending and move on with your life by resolving your issues.

Imagine what closure means to you. Is it an apology you are waiting for or something you wanted to say to the other person? If it is revenge, figure out why you need revenge instead of a revenge plot. Now write it down as a letter, rant all you want.

When you are finally free of all you wanted to say or be said, figure out your future strategy. Focus on your life ahead. Whatever your need be for a closure, the endgame remains moving on.



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