First Day at College

 It was 15th of July 2010, a completely different day of my life. Though all the days of one’s life is different in one or the other ways but this day was my life was very different from all the others in the past as this was my first day at college.

It was the day when I stepped into a new phase of my life welcoming all the changes as new challenges and opportunities and promising myself to give my best.

I still remember a thin delicate girl with heavy pink bag, seeming to be a school girl but now a college going girl putting her first steps with a rainbow of emotions……fear  Nervousness ….happiness…and  tens and hundreds of questions in mind and with all this I reached my classroom.

As I entered my classroom….Oh My God. What I saw was entirely a new phenomenon for me…it was a class with so many boys where the number of girls were so few that it can be counted on fingers just 5-6 girls and more than 50 boys. It was a very new thing for me to study with boys because I had spent 14 years of my life in a girl’s schools and now….. It’s not just that that the boys have replaced the girls in the class but the entire atmosphere changes.

As I made myself bit comfortable with the environment of the class and took my seat the HOD of my department came into the class. He introduced himself, the course and then asked each student to introduce themselves along with the reason of choosing that particular course.

After the completion of this activity, the next was the selection of class representative. The HOD was to choose a boy and a girl as the class representatives…..and to my surprise I was selected as the class representative among the girls. Though surprised but at the same moment very happy.

Then that period was over and other period started and so on…and the last period was “Abhivyakti” you must be thinking what this is??? The same question arises in our mind as well…..well soon we got the answer, it was a period in which all the students got chance to portray their talents and choose the clubs of their interest….and so some students danced….some debated…some painted the canvas with their imaginations….and I …. I sang my self-composed song. As I love singing and have little bit talent of writing lyrics and composing music, and was appreciated for that, and was made one of the coordinators of the cultural team.

Like this the first day of my college came to end but it gave me a new identity and lots of opportunities for the future days to come.


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