Find your own happiness !!

” People are as happy as they make up their minds to be. ” – Abraham Lincoln

Today  , I saw a beautiful butterfly sitting on a flower in my garden. The fresh morning scene made me happy. I agree that it was a small thing , but it was pleasing. We can find happiness anywhere around us. I find happiness in small things. There can be many big reasons to be sad but sometimes even a simplest thing can become a reason of happiness. 

I believe happiness is enjoying little things in life. Every moment is precious and unique. When we do something good that gives inner satisfaction , we feel happy from within. This is the real happiness.

It’s a common human tendency to do comparisons. We compare with others , thus we remain unhappy. When we stop ourselves comparing with others and just be ourselves , we will be truly happy. As the secret of success is hard work , then secret of happiness accepting ourselves truly . Staying in present , not worrying out the past that will not come back and the future that is uncertain. This moment is the happiness.

Starting a day with a cup of delicious coffee , having a good lunch, spending a quality time with family , few praising words from boss or a movie night with friends, anything can make you happy . It’s our perspective to find happiness.


Like the two sides of a coin , the life also has two sides i.e.  sadness and happiness. But we do have choices in life. When you have choices , then choose your own happiness.

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