Facts of MYTH!


Myths were just created….without any valid reason & people use to follow it blindly. Even NOW!

No one asked the reason for the myths from many years….
Don’t know where it started….people started questioning, “Why should we follow Myth’s!!!!!” Each and every myth has a reason behind it to follow.

Most probably myths were made as superstition because no one used to think or guess or ask for the reason why they do for. Funniest thing here comes is that the myths are made by making people fear for it.
I mean to say, if they don’t do it Something might affect them BADLY (sic).Actually that’s a fact….. Myths are all created as prevention…..
Suppose, we take a example of doing pradhakshan i.e revolving around a neem tree for a second we think about the things what we do in temple. Fact is staying or moving towards a neem tree gives your strength & increases your immunity….now the fun fact from myth in other hands says that…. God will bless you when you revolve through it.
Speaking about this, we can cure illness with NEEM…..
NEEM effective tooth paste
NEEM effective face cream
NEEM effective pain killers
I don’t mean only that Neem has proved Myths to facts, but there are many. Now, when we think about curing some disease…..
“SMALL POX”…..Tradition is to keep Neem leaves around a person, is affected with SMALL POX. This tradition is followed till now. Even though people were educated & might not believe on myths.
Myths might be said as facts with proofs at olden days only!!!!!!
Suppose “you were ill” & you go to a doctor….. If doctor cures you, he is the god at that time…. Realizing this is fact…..when you know he is a DOCTOR!.
When you blindly believe & move on that he has some powers curing you….that’s a myth. Usually we say this as “INSANE.” 
Finally, Myths were vanished, but usually “What GOES AROUND COMES AROUND”, we finally following all this myths knowing its fact.   

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