“Let go of things…” “Expectation hurts…” “If you want to live happily then stop expecting from anyone.”

Every now and then we read all such quotes, understand them and decide not to expect from anyone, we get hurt, learn from our experiences but what next? Nothing, after a couple of days we meet new people and sometimes we deliberately try to make a new connection to forget the old one.

Every time after we are hurt, we cry, lose temper, distance ourselves from everyone and then begin fresh with a new day, new spirit, with a new thought of getting attached to someone, of not expecting, of letting go things that hurt but slowly and gradually we start expecting from people which again turns into disappointment And the cycle goes on, People tear us apart.

Well, I think it’s pretty obvious to expect at least from someone whom you have given everything of yours.

Expectations tend to arise from a person you spend your entire day with, But after so many ifs and buts, in the end, you console yourself saying “It’s OKAY” with a heavy heart explaining yourself “You shouldn’t have expected.”

But the fact is yes we all expect, even those sitting in a corner with a cold attitude inside their hearts expect that someone would come and talk to them. Yes,they expect and wait for others to come and offer a friendship hand.

People say they are open, cool, honest understanding and what not. But when the time comes what hinders them being one of the kinds showing all the qualities they mentioned.

They keep things to themselves, in their hearts which often kills them. It is not easy to live with a heavy heart, but why to do this difficult job? There are many difficult tasks in the world, then why choosing only this which hurts not only you but people attached to you. Life could be so easy if you say what you feel. There’s nothing wrong if you say to a person that yes you disappointed me, yes I am hurt just because I expected from you this particular thing. And believe me, if you have full faith in that person, that person will really feel happy that you mean to someone till this extent.

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who could be hurt by someone multiple times & still believes there is a good side to them.

Hhh… There is a sigh of relief when you talk your heart out.

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