ENGINEERING BEYOND MEMES – Just Imagine your Life Without Engineers

Engineering is the application of mathematics and scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge in order to invent, innovate, design, build, maintain, research, and improve structures, machines, tools, system, components, materials, processes, solutions, and organisation.Engineering has existed since ancient times as humans devised fundamental inventions.

Let us for a moment imagine our life without Engineers…

From sewing machine we sew with to the car in which we travel, new cell phone to the television set in your living room, the list is unending.

The true strength of a nation resides in its human capital–especially its engineering workforce. Engineers will develop the new processes and products and will create and manage new systems for civil infrastructure, manufacturing, health care delivery, information management, computer communications, and so on. In general, they will put knowledge to work for society.

Engineers know that scientific and mathematical skills are necessary for professional success. An engineering student nevertheless  also experiences the “functional core of engineering”–the excitement of facing an open-ended challenge and creating something that has never been. Participating in the process of realizing a new product through the integration of seemingly disparate skills is an educational imperative. This is the ultimate added value that enables wealth creation.

Engineers mainly:

    • design, in order to meet safety, reliability, environmental, cost, operational, and maintenance objectives;
    • realize products
    • create, operate, and sustain complex systems
    • understand the physical constructs and the economic, industrial, social, political, and international context within which engineering is practiced
    • understand and participate in the process of research
    • gain the intellectual skills needed for lifelong learning.

Pursuing Engineering degree is the wide career option in India. With the growing industries in the last two decades  as well as additional streams, an engineering students may have a variety of Career choices. Engineering education is the practical solution to any kind of problems in life. Engineers are the designers and builders of the world, it is not just an degree but the way of thinking.

Please do not  mock and make fun of engineers, even though the number of engineers in India has proliferated, over recent years, the demand for good engineers remains constant. An Engineer is professionally trained to create engineered system for the benefit of the mankind. Engineering is one of the few profession where creativity and originality meets.

we conceptualize engineers as people who take discoveries from the sciences and use them to solve problems that change the world, Engineers are leaders who understand the science of their solution and system they hope to affect.

we are entering into a ” DISTRIBUTED INTELLIGENCE” : AN ERA WHERE KNOWLEDGE IS AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE. An engineer not only knows how to do things right, but also knows right thing to do.

This itself is an integrative process, an excitement of facing an open- minded challenge and creating something that has never been. We have to accept the fact that Engineers turns dreams into reality.


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