Hi I am Nannditaa V Kothari and I am the brains or rather hands behind My Kitchen Your Place.

My kitchen Your place is a catering services and I started it when I fell in love with food &  cooking. I have realized one thing in life is that we are all emotional eaters. We eat as per our mood at that moment. Now you will probably refute this idea but I can prove it…

Its very simple actually…. 

For example when you are feeling really upset with say your boyfriend or girlfriend or you have just broken up..whats the 1st thing that you are going to turn to at a time like this?

ICE CREAM….From sore throat to a broken heart, this frozen confection has become the unofficial “fixer” of what hurts.  Reason for this  well…..They increase endorphin in the brain, which in turn makes you feel happy.


You remember when our mother used to make you your favorite dinner …its wasn’t restaurant quality nor was it the best in the world but it made you feel warm…satisfied and most importantly at home…this is called comfort food.. and the feeling that it brings about is comfort.

Like wise when you are in a romantic mood you tend to bend towards chocolate..Its because of its sinful dark looks and its erotic feel in our mouth. Its this very reason that chocolate changes the game and is the most sort after food.

 You see food is not just taste ..its also about the feel look and finally the taste. We eat with our eyes 1st, than with our senses and finally with our mouth.

Through this blog I will try to give you a recipe that will play with each of your senses and I will try to make a play at those feelings through food. I hope that I can make this journey interesting to all of you out there like it has been for me…

Goodbye and happy reading happy eating…

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