We all lead a life and grow to look for success and to be successful. To achieve this , it takes a lot of patience and work out to be done in our day-day life. Success is not just what we achieve in a smaller run, it should define us and achieve greater mile stones in life that creates an unique identity for oneself. Everyone of us would want to succeed but are we really working towards it is the question.We may work towards it but there use to be lot of hurdles, distractions, problems which we may face. We should be prepare for it and keep going till we reach our destiny.

As per my analysis , I am writing few pointers which would help us to be successful.

Do not bother on others opinion-

The most important thing is -we hesitate to go ahead with our own decisions as we start worrying “what will others think.” If we want to achieve something in life, first we must be confident on us .Once we start feeling inferior about us then that becomes the biggest failure. So , if we want to do something or achieve something in life. Lets go for it. Do the proper work out, build the confidence , plan it accordingly and just achieve it. Allow yourself to face the situations and failures which gives the leanings for our success stories.Let others talk whatever they want as they just can talk , cant do anything about it.

“Today they may not support you but make sure tomorrow they follow you”.

Do not fill your mind with negativity-

When we work -on to achieve success, make sure that you wont indulge with people who cannot understand our dreams, our goals and our success. They will try to put us down in some or the other way. Be with positive surroundings, positive people, positive work space which will enhance us with positive thoughts. When we start polluting our mind with negativity, we tend to stop progress towards our success.

“People plays an important role for us, lets decide with whom we need to be- Positive or Negative”- Success goes with Positive !

Tackle with Change-

When we move towards success, we will face a lot of changes within ourselves, the work we do, the thoughts we create, the way we live, everything. We should set up a mindset as what are we trying to do ?and what exactly are we looking for ? so that we can work it out accordingly. Change is important so see ourselves how are we improving and dealing with the change in a better way. As we grow up in the ladder of success , we will face problems, issues and hurdles at every path of success.

“Change is an change agent for improving ourselves for a better tomorrow.”

Do not hesitate to take RISK-

This is another biggest criteria – RISK,where most of us just do not like to take up. Without risk we cannot grow in our life. The path of progress defines how much risk have we dealt with and overcoming it. We just cannot by- pass the risk to achieve success. Success comes along with a great mixture of risk and perseverance and it is very difficult to sustain on it. If we want a success in life, be ready to take up risk and keep fighting to overcome it.

“When we stop taking RISK, we stop living LIFE”.

Face failures-

We all afraid of this one word “FAILURE” but have we ever imagine without failure we cannot reach success. Failure should be our catalyst for success. If we start fearing our failures and think of giving up then we start killing our dreams. Failures are the best experience and experiences are the best teacher. So keep learning from failures. Even when scientists do so experiments they fail so many times but to invent something new , they keep on trying to bring the invention to life. It applies to everyone of us. If we want something in life, we have to fight for it. No one will fight for our dreams.

“Keep tying, till you achieve what you dream for, once you stop- you stop dreaming!”

Trust yourself and live your dreams-

Trust is most important factor when it comes to success. When we have the confidence and trust on us – yes, we can do this and this is what we want in life. Just go for it. Do not rely on anybody help. Decide on what we want to achieve, work out , keep trust and live out the dreams. Nothing can stop us when we are ahead of our dreams. We must have the consistency in what we are doing to achieve success. Even, what we think should be in our action , if that is lagging then everything will go the way around.

“Always, Trust yourself more than you doubt yourself.”

Do what you are passionate for-

Success comes when we do what we are passionate for. If we are not passionate to do something then it is just a kind of work what we wanted to do. We should love what we do and work towards it to be the best. We may work whatever we are interested for but our passion may be different .We must work towards our passion , that is the real success.

“Do not work what you are interested for, work -on what you are passionate enough !”

A successful person is not so easy to become. We all are just working for some small term goals but the real success is way beyond where our happiness lies. When we know what our success goal is and start working towards it , we will reach to the best part of life where nobody can stop us be grow. Work to achieve success and live our dreams that is where we fill our life with happiness.

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