Don’t just charge the phone. CHARGE YOURSELF

Do you feel low sometimes? Thank GOD you are normal human being. Hope below read can help some people to restrengthen their selves. Happy reading!!

Log Kya kahengey?

You are living in this mechanised world where people love to ignite a conversation with a stranger on Tinder or Cupid but they are afraid to say hi/hello to a person seating besides them in Metro/train etc; but Why….? Have you thought? The answer is simple they are more concerned about what society/other people will think, they say it loudly in their head “Log kya sochengey”, well its their business you need to do what you want to. Don’t bother about what others will think of you at any phase of your life; remember It’s none of your business

Are you broken?

It’s normal to have problems even Lord Krishna/Rama face problems in personal/professional life but heyyy what was different? They kept moving, as they knew it “This will pass too”. Similarly don’t feel sad when you have problems. Try to understand the problems and then fix it.  “It’s not over till I win” Say it loudly every morning while having morning tea.


Being successful is easy only if you keep on trying and not quitting. Don’t be afraid of failures. Failure is not more than a free trial of winning. It’s said there is 1% chance of winning if you participate in a race but it is sure that you will LOOSE if you don’t participate in the race. At one point of time in your life you need to act on life else Life will act upon you.
Only you CAN DO IT.

Stay Positive

What you think (positive or negative) forms the foundation of your Subconscious mind and SM acts upon the information fed in, irrespective of right and wrong, that’s why you are surprised to see how few people are making billions and how some sick people kill someone insanely. It’s all achieved by your subconscious mind; choice is your think right or wrong. Feed right thoughts in your mind which changes the law of nature to get you want you want. Stay positive and surround yourself with nice people not with time robbers, as it’s said you are the average of 5 people around you, mind it your company speaks allot about you.

Remember you are HUMAN

Love is the only thing in this word which can transcend through this universe. You can easily fall in love with a person who is not even on this earth (google it in your heart, you love your ancestors/your loved one who died. Lover ends but Love does not. Hence love people don’t hate them. Hating anyone is easy but loving people is a boon to human being. Don’t judge people, finding fault in others is damn easy but correcting them polity makes the difference (mind it they will not repeat that mistake if you tell them with a SMILE). Spread smile it’s free and will take away your tensions try it every day.

Are there Toxic people in your life?

If the answer is yes, then just disconnect with them. Mark Twain once said “Don’t argue with stupid people, else they will drag you to their level and will defeat you there.


It’s a remedy. Listen whatever type of music you love while sipping your MORNING TEA. It surely works every time/ every day for me

Travel MORE

It’s a good way of refreshing your self. We can take you to some unexplored destinations to rejuvenate and to refresh. You can connect with me for some unique experiences of this world, that too at an attractive price. We cattery the requirements for Leisure/Holidays/Mice/Honeymoon trips/Business/Conferences/Hotels/Car rentals/Private charter planes/Luxury train and many more.

Eye sight and Mind sight

Last but not the least, you are the master of your own life. There are plenty of small small things happening on this planet its only you how you perceive them. There are only two things “Eye sight and Mind sight” eye sight is what you see and mind sight is how you interpret what you see.
Remember nothing is perfect, hence the maiden attempt to write something (don’t laugh but SMILE). Don’t just read it rather interpret and spread it 🙂

Cheers – Amit (+91 9999427200).

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