Do you know What Girls Mostly Searches on the Internet

As you all know , You can get everything on internet . If you want something , you can google it easily.Researchers said  Women Spend More time on Internet as compared to Men ? But the question What Girls Mostly Searches on the Internet ?  Have ever think about it ?

Things which Women search more are  :

As a girl , these are the things which i search the most in my daily routine .

Beauty Products

Image result for beauty product collage

Movie Reviews

Image result for movies review collage

Gossip about Daily Soap

Image result for gossip about daily soap collage

Holidays Destination

Image result for Holiday destination collage

Home Decor


Image result for Novel/Books collage


Related image



Image result for Cooking collage

Pet Care – Grooming Tips



Love Story  Web Series

Image result for hindi Love stories web series collage

Wedding Stuff

Health /Fitness Tips 

Image result for about health and fitness collage

And Many More ……….



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