Did We Realized?

Conflict- Seven letter would nowadays be affecting our life and keeping us away from being genuine connecting each other and making good relationship with the people award us everywhere personal or professional life. I will share one incidence and ruin the relationship of two people.
One fine morning I reached office as per normal routine got a call from one of my team members when he was complaining my manger is not talking to me the way she was doing earlier and I can’t tolerate this. She is my inspiration. She is talking to everyone and guiding other team members but not to me.
It was somewhere shocking for me but again I had a thought that the team member is seeing this whole period her manager us assign his responsibility to someone else to make the transaction sword. That’s why he was feeling like it. I had a conversation with him tried to cool him down and crushed him to go back to his manager and talk to her about it and let her know what he is feeling. She will be right person to help you out.
But he was not ready as per that team member he already tired and manager was replying I don’t want to discuss anything with you that’s why I come to you so that you can help me.
After listening the team members sick and spoke back to his manger and listen what happened actually then any problem happened with him.
When I heard his manager, I came to know team member has changed the attitude towards work. He is not listening to her and arguing a lot.
By listening to her side, I became more somewhere confused not became I couldn’t understand why this is happening and how to manage but I was thinking how reserved we became these days. Few questions came in my mind.
• As I was aware person/team member serving his notice paid as he was one of the old employees of the organization why his manager is able to let him go.
• Why we don’t patience send control on our emotion by the way where we can allow other people to the things they want to.
• Why we want to control other people and their action. Why we want the other person should behave or feel the way we are feeling.
• Why we are not giving space to other people and try to place our self on their place and understand the things from a difficult perspective.
• Now we are making our self emotionless and trying to slow ourselves a perfect person in terms of everything.
Here I am leaving a question mark for you to give a thought on this.

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