“DEMAND” is related to the situation where we are introduce with many types of goods and services, And The single person and a nuclear family will decide to contribute their money in a various things which is needed for their uses.
And, we know the money relates our friends. when, we treated our friend good they give us a good benefits & support for life and when we go with a money ruin they all about demange. so, be clear about our money & demand.
Their is very diffent types of product in a market who attract us from their benefits & usesrs. But it is also depends upon their prices. the same substitutional product make a diferent prices, and the particular person things the high price value product have more benefit but I ever say that the all twinklings things are not as gold.
So, guys carefull when you are in a market to purchase a product. but the product when onlyu they suit to your body structure. dont ompromise about our health security and be safe. Say, no excuses for our products.
Many times we seen that we are using that stuff which are using by other people and relatives. but not ever it is work. use only that products which are not halm us.
Demand makes many types about our friends, our roommates etc. it is very hard decision for us to make a good fiend who is bette for a life who make us live free. who give us right diection. and when we dont like some one in our life we make an excuses about that. we ae not comfotable dont like to share a things with them. but openly said to you the person is enough good if they take also a responsibility of other pesrson. i dont say that live our life in a rush but also make petience in our life for other person in you life. make sure that no one is molesting you with their words. make sure you are finding your self with peace. the peace is very important for life.
peace is god and kind is worth.

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