Do you know what death is?

Its something beautiful for a soul

That was trapped in a body which had long gone cold

It’s an orange sun rise after a long stormy night

Its a giant leap ahead

A step towards the light

Its said to be more peaceful than a cold winter night

It takes us to a place where there is  no sorrow

For it is in this very life

That we live, hoping for a better tomorrow

Maybe people think of death as painful and sad

Because it leaves a void amoung us

A space somewhere in our souls which

Never will be the same again

No matter how many moments we keep

In the back of our minds

Memories trapped within the colored polaroids

Or between the pages of a long forgotten book

Or somewhere in an old tin box buried among boxes in the attic

The void creeps in on us

Growing bigger with each passing look

A street so known

A town by a brook

A midnight dinner

A sudden telephone

It all takes us back to a place in time

Where only our souls belonged

I was yours and you were mine

But death isn’t the villain

We are all taught to see it to be

It’s not an mirage but rather a hard reality

Its  an escape from the unending pain

More like a beginning than an end

A river which has finally met its sea

That’s what souls feel when they are set free

Death often creeps down on our most treasured things

It leaves behind a trail of black overalls and white lilies

On a tombstone marked with words of poetry

A lost mother, an estranged  sister

A strayed daughter ,an arrogant son

A small girl who would never again see the morning sun


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