Death Clock is ticking – How much time you left with??

Who switched the timer on????
Time is running out.
How far is it??
Is it nearby??
Are you going to be a meal for death??
Why is it happening??
Who is the culprit??


Don’t think much.

It’s you. It’s only YOU. And the timer has been set to 2030.

Everything will be changed by 2030. This world is going to be digitalised. People will use mobile internet at 10G instead of 2G, 3G, and 4G. Everything will be available on their fingertips. Robots will deliver the goods. Machines will do the other jobs. Wonderful life is ahead.

Wondering why I am saying that death timer has been set to 2030?

Because pollution level is increasing so much. Now, in 2016 Air pollution is claiming one life every 23 sec. But by 2030, the number will increase drastically. 1 billion people will die due to Air pollution. People can’t step out without Oxygen kit. They can’t play games like you. They can’t move out freely like you.

This will be their life and soon going to be YOURS.

Why will it happen?? Whose mistake is this?? Who is responsible for this??

It is your mistake. It is your sin. And it is your fault. Your ancestors gave you the beautiful Earth to survive. But you are polluting it with your irresponsible activities. And you are going to handover the same polluted world to your successors.

The mistake is you are not saving Mother Earth. The Sin is you are not giving the same to the successors what you got from your ancestors. And your fault is that you are not doing anything about it. If you could have stopped pollution by taking prior precaution, in future they would have lived like you, played like you and moved out freely like you.

Don’t worry. It is not too late. Still you can make this place much brighter than today for tomorrow. And you will find there is no need to cry for the better world. You just think about the generations, there are so many ways to get there if you care enough for their living to make the world a better place for you, for me and the entire human race. Stop pollution and save mother earth.


It’s the time either to resolve your mistake and put the things back to normal on our Mother Earth or let’s search for another PLANET.

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