Dear Tomorrow

You are the kindling hope of fire
In the dead of night
Reassuring us, Tomorrow’s ‘today’
would be better than Today’s ‘today’

And we?
Slept to these thoughts
Helpless and Unarmed
Surrendering ourselves to these pleasant
hollow promises.

I wish I could just say that you’re
promises aren’t promising
But, deep down I know
it is our will that should have been

I heave in pain
For all the ‘opportunities’
You provided us with
Only blames are what we return you with

We are indeed living in an illusion
Yesterday we said
rather promised, ‘We’ll live tomorrow’

And in the course,
we forgot to grip onto the sand slipping from our hands –

May your tomorrows never die
I assure they are stubborn enough that they won’t
But that, I wish only if

You did not surrender your today.


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