Dear diary

The  whole world is like a confused paradise . You will find oceans of ironies , hypocrisy like noxious weeds growing underneath the beautiful flower of  social affections .

People here say something but it turns out to be something else , very asymmetrical in nature. The plethora of shapes and sizes that come in the thinking pattern amaze me,  yet  is  Disturbing . THE  most strangest puzzle as if , you are shown the entire process of solving the game..

but you loose  everytime  because you can’t understand the game .


Standing under the shade of a rich, lush tree you sometime feel very poor .

Forbidden as if to act , to speak , to react because you know there is  no meaning to it  , no middle path , no  past , nor any future ; the road ahead seem hazy , unclear .

I fill my heart with trust upto its brim but everytime it  spills out to be replaced by  hatred , disillusioned by  pervading  falsehood .

The solitary peace around me makes me happy yet sad , the bubble enveloping  me is secure and safe when  is left alone , however with the pinch of fakeness and false talks it bursts in a pin drop silence ;  just the kind of sound a pin would make when thrown in the shallow sea

 The world makes me  change ,

  forces me  to  behave like others 

, talk in the language that they understand

 not what I  wish to say .

Visit yourself sometime and you will feel and see  the  mountains of high emotions burning to come out along with valleys of  innocence and truth that  makes YOU  realize that , the candle of hope  is still brightly shining ,

It doesn’t matter If the flicker is weak .”

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