Clash of Clans: Game 0r Addiction?

Nowadays there are many people who are fond of playing mobile games. They spend there most of the time in gaming or in thinking about the games. One of the  such game is Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans  is a mobile strategy game released for iOS and Android. The game is set in a fantasy theme which tasks players to build their own town using resources. It joins a millions of player worldwide .

Clash of Clans is so addictive because of gameplay that it has. The reason is the feeling of success when you eliminate all the enemies, all the enemies building and huge no. of loots.

Signs of your Addiction of CoC

  • Having more than a single game id or multiple COC account.
  • Always thinking of war strategies and game plan.
  • Setting an alarm at the exact completion of your builder.
  • Browsing YouTube on the latest COC Hacks and war bases.

These are some of the signs of COC addiction.

Some suggestions for  reducing  addiction of COC

  • When you are free try to hang out with friends or relatives.
  • Trying to manage only a single account.
  • Trying to invest your mind in some other works like reading , listening songs and many more activitiesAt last I am not saying that playing a game like Clash of clans is bad. But be aware of its  addiction.

                             ”Excess of EveryThing is Bad”


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